World book day

Woo hoo….world book day is coming up!
What are you dressing up as?

Mrs W

10 thoughts on “World book day

  1. Today at school we had a fab day for world book day!!!

    Well at first we all had a laugh of each others costuems. Then we went into our classes, after that Hedgehogs, Squirrels and Foxes came into badgers class and we had a assembley. Mrs W was dressed as Wonder Woodhams. She told us about superheroes 😀 😉 Then suddenly Mrs H came Shooting throgh the door petrified, everyone was thrilled!!!

    Then Mrs H had a strange looking glass of grose stuff. I think it was mixed up goo and a bit of glitterly tinsely stuff and foam. Then befor all of this we got in some groups. We all had a green, yellow or blue house point on our hand. Then we went back to certian classes and then went out side to see that discusting,grose,wobbely jelly stuff.

  2. World book day was great 🙂 I so hope red nose day is just as good maybe better! Then I am coming dressed in normal clothes I will come in a T-Shirt and a jumper and probably tracksuit bottoms or troursers or thin troursers. I so hope it will be as good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I dressed up as ‘Wonder Girl’! I TOTALLY enjoyed world book day so did all my friends. 🙂


    • I went as Bat Girl! It was fantastic. I totally loved it. What did you do for world book day?


  4. On that Thursday EVERYONE enjoyed it! Especially ME. 😀 That Toxic Danger was cool wasn’t it? How do you think the day was then? What did you like the best?…drawing round the littlest people and colouring in our super heroes, or looking at the TOXIC WASTE!!!, or Looking at each classes super heroes, or we wrote our own comics and so much more throughout the fantastic day. I have a feeling it could be even better next year!!!!

    • that sounds like fun!!……..:( tooo bad I was ill the whole week and I couldn’t come to world book day!! There is so much I’ve heard about all the costumes and activities I wish more than anything that I could have been there, and it was my last year too!! 🙁


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