Writing day at Somerset Bridge

On Monday the 3rd February Hollie, Millie, Gabriele and I went on a writing course at Somerset Bridge Primary School. At first, we had a little bit of a tour around the school, Sarah (our teacher for the day) basically just showed us the bathrooms.

After the tour, everyone from the different schools introduced themselves to us. Not on purpose though, we all had to do a Kennings poem. I was of course ‘race winner’. What would you be?


somerset bridge

0.75m Lou’s Igloo

In the morning loads of kids from NN came over and we made an igloo, the walls were built to 0.75m, everyone was good at building it. We became cold and went inside for hot chocolate and biscuits. Mum said it felt like she was at work with such a house full of children. We had yummy hot chocolate made from real white and milk chocolate. After the hot chocolate Liam, Sam and Me went into the living room and played Castle Miners on my new Xbox 360. Then another family texted

The best day ever

On a chilly winters day Chaz woke up to see buckets full of snow.She leaped out of bed got in to her water proof clothes .She raced outside.After her mum and dad had woken up she asked if they could go down the park .They said yes so she raced down stairs to get her sledge. And she had the best day ever.

By Charlotte