The 100 Word Challenge- Hollie

The Orange Cat

It was a sunny day in the town that lisa lived in. On that day, a lot of mysterious things happened…

Lisa was playing in the garden with her brother. Ruuning around, she stopped. There was a small, fat, orange cat sat on the fence.
“Meow,” he called.
Lisa saw he was very dirty, and separated him from the fence. She took him inside and ran a shallow bath. The cat looked at the bath nervously.

Lisa bathed the cat, and brushed him. She noticed a tag on his collar. It said:

‘Please keep me’

Lisa ran into the house ecstatically.

by Hollie

We had to put in 5 words, and these are written in pink.

100 Word Challenge 23- Izzy

Sophie was a MYSTERIOUS CAT. She lived in BATH, with her owner Ella. Sophie was best friends with an ORANGE CAT called Munchkin. One horrible day, Sophie and Munchkin were SEPARATED…

The very next morning, Ella found out because Sophie was moaning, second after second. Now, Sophie was very MYSTERIOUS when she moaned. So that’s how Ella found out.

That same afternoon, Sophie crawled out of the house and fell slowly. Suddenly, scrambled to her feet and sprinted quickly off.

In the jungle Sophie went. She searched and searched and searched until she found…

Munchkin! The two MYSTERIOUS CATS ran home together.

By Izzy