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Wednesday 23rd January….snow day work!


Morning Badgers class…

As promised, some ideas to keep you all busy today!

Maths….go and measure the depth of the snow in your garden and post it as soon as possible. Later on, have a look on this blog for all the entries. How could you collect this data? Could you make a table or bar chart?

Write a short descriptive piece titled a snowy day. Aim for 50-100 words. What success criteria are you going to use? Impress me!
Feel free to give each other positive feedback on this blog…

I look forward to seeing all your great work posted here during the day.

See you tomorrow hopefully!

Now I’d better make the chocolate cake I promised

Mrs Woodhams

Wind in the Willows

What a great production! We really enjoyed seeing Lottie, Izzy and Freya this morning at the Brewhouse. Good luck to them and Izzy and Imogen on the remaining performances. You should all be very proud!
What did everybody else think?

Mrs W.