Over 2000 page views!

Pretty amazing if you ask me! What do you think we could do to encourage even more people to visit our site

Mrs W.

9 thoughts on “Over 2000 page views!

  1. WOW! I cant believe so many people have visited our blog! I think that we could put it on more pages on the internet so more and more people see it. We could also make posters about it and put them around the school!

  2. Something that has worked well for us has been to get the parents involved.

    So, when someone from the class has posted something, or maybe comments, then parents comment, too; their friends get involved and, suddenly, your website is being used to connect generations of people together! It is VERY COOL that people from all over the globe can see your blog, but we felt it was EVEN more important that it was used by our school to chat and celebrate the good “stuff” we do…..and all in an e-safer place, because your teacher is in charge of the comments……I love the blog, by the way 🙂

    Mr G Thurlbear

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