The 100 Word Challenge- Hollie

The Orange Cat

It was a sunny day in the town that lisa lived in. On that day, a lot of mysterious things happened…

Lisa was playing in the garden with her brother. Ruuning around, she stopped. There was a small, fat, orange cat sat on the fence.
“Meow,” he called.
Lisa saw he was very dirty, and separated him from the fence. She took him inside and ran a shallow bath. The cat looked at the bath nervously.

Lisa bathed the cat, and brushed him. She noticed a tag on his collar. It said:

‘Please keep me’

Lisa ran into the house ecstatically.

by Hollie

We had to put in 5 words, and these are written in pink.

3 thoughts on “The 100 Word Challenge- Hollie

  1. Well done for taking part in this week’s 100WC Hollie. I really like the dialogue you have included in your story. You have included a range of interesting punctuation and ended on a good cliffhanger.
    Don’t forget to use capital letters for proper nouns.

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