North Newtons netball match!!

imageOn Tuesday 5th February the netball team and I played a match against Puriton. They were really tall compared to me and they played really well. The score was 9 to us and 11 to them. As you can see, they won. But me and the team had great time, and after the match we sat inside and had biscuits and juice. MMMMM!!

By Ellen

15 thoughts on “North Newtons netball match!!

  1. Hello North Newton school I like your blog, its very good.Its very good I love your pictures.

    from Liam 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Have fun in your match its not about winning its about taking part. Remember to have fun and not mess around . Good luck Ella !

    by leah and sean

  3. Well done to you and your team you were only 2 points away, hope you enjoyed the day.
    Are you going tom do another tournement from Taylor xxx

  4. Well done, that is appsulutly brilliant. I hope you have had a good time, and eny way it isnt about winning it is about taking part it dosent matter that you loose, you just have to try your hardest and then it will be a moment that you would never forget.

    Good luck Ellen and team

    from charlie
    ps: I hope those biscuits were nice.

  5. Hi im Billie-jo and me and my friend Chloe thought we would write a coment on your blog post about your netball team match,It sounds so great I hope you had a fun time the biscuts sounded yummy.

    bye bye,from Billie-jo and Chloe

  6. Well done – our school looks forward to reading more of your blogs! Perhaps we could even set up a #compassblogging netball tournament?!?

    get your teacher to add our blog to your list of “blogs you like”

    Mr G

    • The tournament sounds like a great idea…it would be good to meet up in the flesh as well as ‘virtually’.

      Mrs W from North Newton.
      PS I’ll put your blog in the section…blogs we like.

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