100 word challenge 23- Gabriele

Timmy, the mysterious, orange cat was very mysterious indeed. He lived in a little cosy village with sunshine every morning. It was never dank or raining. Long ago, he had been separated from his beloved owners because they couldn’t pay the rent. He lived in the same house as before. His favourite place to sleep was the bath. He had a little blanket and some pillows there. If he was a bit hungry,there was a nearby pond where he could go and catch fish. Some people were kind enough to give him some food -leftovers – or they bought cat food from the market.That is the story of the mysterious, orange cat.

Gabriele, North Newton school


100 World Challenge 23-Tom

One day there was a cat ,but not any old cat he was
ORANGE! when he went to school the teacher cats
separated him to the kitten class even though he
was twenty four in cat years.

When he got up the next day,he was happybeacause they were going to the Bath and West show. He was happy beacause there was a meowing contest and for lunch catfood pie.He won and had a mysteious tasting pie.He loved it he even brought a bath and jacuzy by the time he got home he was pooped tired and sleepy.Talking about sleep i`m getting sleepy.

By Tom North Newton



The 100 Word Challenge- Hollie

The Orange Cat

It was a sunny day in the town that lisa lived in. On that day, a lot of mysterious things happened…

Lisa was playing in the garden with her brother. Ruuning around, she stopped. There was a small, fat, orange cat sat on the fence.
“Meow,” he called.
Lisa saw he was very dirty, and separated him from the fence. She took him inside and ran a shallow bath. The cat looked at the bath nervously.

Lisa bathed the cat, and brushed him. She noticed a tag on his collar. It said:

‘Please keep me’

Lisa ran into the house ecstatically.

by Hollie

We had to put in 5 words, and these are written in pink.


100 Word Challenge 23- Izzy

Sophie was a MYSTERIOUS CAT. She lived in BATH, with her owner Ella. Sophie was best friends with an ORANGE CAT called Munchkin. One horrible day, Sophie and Munchkin were SEPARATED…

The very next morning, Ella found out because Sophie was moaning, second after second. Now, Sophie was very MYSTERIOUS when she moaned. So that’s how Ella found out.

That same afternoon, Sophie crawled out of the house and fell slowly. Suddenly, scrambled to her feet and sprinted quickly off.

In the jungle Sophie went. She searched and searched and searched until she found…

Munchkin! The two MYSTERIOUS CATS ran home together.

By Izzy


North Newtons Victory! (Well not exactly)

On Tuesday 26th february North Newton Netball team faced high hoops, a long court and tall players.


But after all that worrying it wasn’t a bad ending. We ended up with the scores at 5-5. (That means we drew)
It was a great game we got to sit in the warm and enjoy some nice choc chip biscuits and squash.
What do you think about the scores? Do you like chocolate chip cookies?

By Ellen


We drew!

On Tuesday 26th February North Newton netball team drew with Cannington 5-5. It was a great game and the team and I put in as much effort as we could. After all that, we sat down and enjoyed some choc-chip biscuits and juice. Blackcurrant juice- MMMMMMMMM! Do you like chocolate chip biscuits? Have you ever played netball?

By Ellen


North Newtons netball match!!

imageOn Tuesday 5th February the netball team and I played a match against Puriton. They were really tall compared to me and they played really well. The score was 9 to us and 11 to them. As you can see, they won. But me and the team had great time, and after the match we sat inside and had biscuits and juice. MMMMM!!

By Ellen